This last week as been very busy.  We're coming up to the holiday and it is now the growing season in the Midwest which means canning.  Farmer's market on Saturday to get a whole host of fresh goodies to consume.  Later in the season I'll share some of them plus the fun can have labeling all of the goodies.
I had participated in an event for an author and made two tumblers with one more to go.  The people wanted two very different Tumblers but with a quotes from the books.  Both turned out amazing and hope they like them.

I am also experimenting with tattoo paper to make a tumbler.  Now to cut them out and get them on the tumbler.  Fingers crossed it will turn out ok.  

I've been playing with more molds.  Here's my newest one.  I'm not sure about how it turned out.  Let me know what you think.

Pros and Cons of Fabric Tumblers

With every craft there are pros and cons with the project.  I really enjoy playing around with new methods of spicing up tumblers.  Glitter and paint is fun but it doesn't give you a consistent finished project.  I can start with it in straight lines and by the time the epoxy has hardened it has mixed and mingled into something completely different.  Check out my Instagram page for beginning and ending shots.
You can pick whatever you like in color and get an interesting tumbler.  There is no way that I could make this tumbler with glitter, paint, and vinyl.  

Even with layering I wouldn't be able to get these colors and patterns.  If there is an obscure design or fandom you like and can find fabric for it you can make yourself a tumbler that won't necessarily cost you $45.  You can still add vinyl to the project if you want something a little more than just the fabric. 
Cons: You have to use a straight tumbler that has no curve to it at all.  It isn't always easy to …

Guest Post: Creating your own Patterns by Eileen Troemel

A Bag of Yarn“Mom will you make me….”  Over the years, my daughters, nieces and occasionally my nephews ask me to make them something.  Often this is accompanied by a picture or a pattern.  There were times I spent money on patterns only to buy yarn and follow the pattern to discover it was not well written. This has happened to me so many times.  I hate wasting money on patterns only to discover they aren’t well written or tested.  I started crocheting when I was twelve.  I was an infrequent crocheter until my late teens.  More than once I’ve made enough afghans for my nieces and nephews for Christmas.  I love to take yarn – fiber of some sort – and turn it from a long strand to something I know someone will use.             During one visit with my daughter, she showed me a pattern for a trivet.  She asked and wanted.  I was okay – I’ll try.  I was so frustrated.  It looked simple.  It should have been simple.  But it wasn’t.  I asked her if she had to have that specific pattern.  S…

Supplies Needed for a Tumbler

People might hesitate to start making their own tumblers because they're afraid of all the upfront costs/supplies needed.  You can get away with going with less and still get an amazing tumbler.  Here's a list of all the items you absolutely have to have.  At the bottom will be a list of all the things you can get but don't necessarily need.
Tumbler of some kind.  You can go with a cheap one from Wal-mart like this one or this.  Or you can order a bunch from different sources on-line and get a bulk pricing.Epoxy.  There are tons of kinds available.  My preferred one is Clear Casting and Coating Epoxy Resin as it doesn't have a strong odor to it.  I tried a different company that came highly recommended but it gave me a headache so I'm sticking with this one. Glitter. You can literally get glitter anywhere even the dollar store.  Glitter is glitter and any will workGlue of some kind.  Read my last post about the different methods of adhering glitter to the cups.Tumbl…

Different Methods to Glitter a Tumbler

There are several ways to get the glitter on your cup.  Depending on who you talk to they will swear by one method or another.  I've tried all of these methods and have had success with them all.  However, some have more work involved then others which ultimately makes me prefer two over all of them.
Mod Podge:This is the first one I tried when I started learning about tumblers.  
With this method you take a paintbrush and lightly coat the cup with mod podge.  Once it is evenly coated you glitter your cup.  Then you wait.  The cup has to be completely dry before you do a second coat and it takes several hours for it to dry.  The glitter didn't completely adhere to the cup so a lot of glitter fell off as it dried.   Here is my first attempt at epoxy tumblers.  The one on the left is the very first one and the glitter smeared a little bit too much for me.  I learned later if I had used something like this Minwax Spray or Krylon Spray it would have prevented the glitter from spreadi…

No matter what it's different

I have had to learn not to plan for any outcome with my tumblers. I have now made 6 different Green Bay Packer cups and they've all had differences.  Some of it was planned differences and some were not.  Each of these cups I used the same acrylic paint to epoxy ratio.  Even the same glitter.  What I can't control is how to epoxy will move the glitter and paint around.  The only control I have is the color of the paint, glitter, and what vinyl will go on it.

One of the things I like to do is take a video of what the tumbler looks like when it is first started and then when it's done.  It amazes me every time the cups are done the difference between the starting colors and the conclusion.  
If you are opting to sell the cups either have the actually cups up or let the people know they're picking the colors and not necessarily the pattern.  There are no guarantees.  You can always send the buyer a picture of the cup and make sure they like it.

I recently had this come up wit…

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