Reluctantly Crafting with My Sisters by Virginia

I am a Starbucks cup junky. I probably have about a dozen in different sizes, shapes, and designs. The one problem with this addiction is the cost!  20 dollars for a cup that I may love but is definitely not personalized can get pricey. And the way I can go through these cups make it worse.

Well Vicki started to make her own tumblers. The beauty of it...personalization!!!  You can pick an fabric, a vinyl, even just a color. You can pick spray paint, alcohol, or glitter. Sooo many choices. And guess what?!  It is not nearly as expensive.  Granted I don't have to pay for everything involved in making it, but still.

So, when I was looking for speakers for the Sewing Summit and Vicki was planning on visiting. I may have encouraged (aka: pulled the think of the opportunities card) and asked Vicki to do a class. Of course she took the opportunity to have me included. 

Vicki has sent videos of her creations via text (we live a few states away) but I have never seen the whole process. This was an awesome experience. I got to make a cup by myself. Okay maybe not by myself but supervised. And I got to pick everything I wanted on it. It was so fun!!!

Having everything you need to do these may seem like an investment  but think of the options. Gifts, for every single person you know, just for yourself, and as I have since learned, so many other things can he made with epoxy. Like jewelry!! How cool is that.  

While this may not be something I invest in, it was so much fun and I would absolutely love to do it again.  Plus, it is always fun to get to a craft project with your sister, especially when they live 1,000 miles away.  Thankfully Vicki was willing to bring all the stuff needed.

So to talk about the whole process a little.  We did the fabric cups specifically. and of course I embellished mine with glitter and alcohol. What I'd any craft without glitter. I picked a super fun fabric ( you may recognize it from my other video)  BACON!!

What is not to love about a bacon fabric. The process of cutting and gluing the fabric was pretty easy. It was the whole cutting it once it was on the cup that was a challenge. From there Vicki pretty much did the rest in am highly inexperienced with epoxy so it was better Vicki showed that process. It was pretty awesome though. 

I don't see myself investing in everything for myself (mostly because of time) but believe me, despite getting about a half a dozen from her already,  I will ask for more in the future.

Having a personalized cup is amazing. It is so fun to have input in all the aspects and know you designed it and it is made just for you!

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